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Most of us view our house not merely as a shelter over our heads but as a safe haven. After long and stressful days, you just want to return to your home to rest and relax. What most Americans do not realize, however, is that their supposed harbor of peace and protection is actually a warzone of pollutants, contaminants, and diseases.

The relatively compact space of a house, as opposed to the open space of being outside, collects many harmful bacteria, mold spores, dust particles, allergens, mites, and viruses in a condensed area. Because the air inside your home does not circulate for the most part, there is no way for any pollutant to escape, or even for fresh air to intermingle and disperse the increasingly dirty air in your house. As a result, the growing accumulation of harmful microbes cause many hazardous illnesses and defects to occur, severely impacting the health and well-being of all of the occupants in your house, from the smallest toddler to your elderly visiting grandmother to the family dog. Thankfully, however, our skilled technicians at T & D Air Conditioning are prepared to offer you the best Fort Lauderdale indoor air quality services to support you and your family.

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Disadvantages of Poor Indoor Air Quality

The Environmental Protection Agency, has dedicated many resources to precisely identifying the types of pollutants floating around in our homes. Some of the most prevalent contaminants include radon, formaldehyde, asbestos, mold, lead, bacteria, tobacco smoke, dust, and viruses. Even the mere presence of moisture is very problematic, since high levels of humidity, along with hidden leaks within sinks, drains, or plumbing fixtures, all leads to increased mold and fungal spores.

Just some of the horrible health effects caused by bad indoor air quality include:

  • Severe migraines and long-lasting headaches
  • Dizzy spells and lapses of memory
  • Ongoing respiratory issues
  • Irritated, dry eyes
  • Chronic coughing
  • Sinus problems
  • Frequent sore throats, stuffy noses, and bad colds
  • Rough and dry skin, rashes, and acne
  • Increased chances of cancer and lung diseases

Shockingly, the EPA has discovered that the inside of your home can be one hundred times more polluted than the outside of your house. This is especially problematic, since both children and adults spend about 90% of their time inside rather than outside.

Get Professional Aid Immediately

In order to combat the invisible enemy inside your home, you will need to send in the most elite troop of professionals to defend the health of you and your family. Many services are available, including detailed graphic analysis screenings, which can identify the purity of your air.

Our experienced technicians will be able to help you select the best choice of air filters, humidifiers, UV light pollutant targeting, and other purification systems to destroy contaminants and microbes and let in fresh air. At T & D Air Conditioning, we are committed to safeguarding you by using the most advanced equipment from the brands Carrier and Guardian Technologies to purify your home.

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