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Visitors from all over the world love to visit Fort Lauderdale for its beautiful beaches and state parks. There are so many entertaining things to do outside in the warm sun. However, during the summer, locals know that our wonderful Fort Lauderdale can get a bit too much sun. As temperatures blaze into the 100s, which feel even more stifling on account of the humidity, residents tend to retreat into their houses cooled by central air conditioning.

While air conditioning is an absolute requirement, having a central air unit is not. Not every house in Fort Lauderdale is structured to accommodate a large AC system, which acts as the central hub, distributing cool air through smaller branches. Many modern houses are not built with spaces that would naturally hold ductwork or store a big AC unit in the first place. If this is true for your home, seek help for ductless mini split system services in Fort Lauderdale. Our team at T & D Air Conditioning can support you by installing these highly efficient, compact units.

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Understanding How Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioners Work

You might be unsure whether a mini split is for you, or whether you should just stick to the traditional central unit, even if it is a tight squeeze in your home. To understand why this AC system could be a perfect fit, it is important to comprehend how these systems work.

Unlike the giant network of ducts that run throughout the house but connect to a single, large AC unit, the mini split system has a small central unit that is placed conveniently outside. Unlike the massive duct channels, tiny refrigerant tubes are connected to individual, compact units placed in different rooms. Each of these small units has its own thermostat, allowing freedom and flexibility to change that room's temperature without disrupting the temperature of any other room.

Advantages of a Mini Split System

There are many reasons why mini split ductless AC systems are becoming so popular, not just in Fort Lauderdale but all around the United States, and even throughout many parts of the globe.

A few of the reasons that ductless mini splits have become the number one choice of people in Fort Lauderdale include the fact that mini splits:

  • Offer far more flexible solutions in cooling different parts of the home
  • Save a lot of money because you can cool only the rooms that need it, rather than wasting energy on the whole house
  • Greatly improve the air quality through multi-stage filtration, which dramatically decreases the amounts of bacteria, dust, dander, mites, and other contaminants.
  • Are extremely easy and fast installations due to their small size and lack of massive ducts, which often require entire wall reconstruction

Get the Support of a Professional

No matter what type of air conditioner you select, it is crucial that you have the support of a professional expert, like our technicians at T & D Air Conditioning, especially since choosing an AC can be a complex business. Our experienced team members can advise you on which unit would precisely match the needs and usage of your family, as well as help you find the most affordable option.

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