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Here in the beautiful Sunshine State, it is pretty clear that we Floridians enjoy our sun. However, there are certainly times when the warmth of the outside air is not nearly as pleasant. During the summer, when the temperature gauge reads over 105, and the humidity makes it feel 10 times worse, you do not want to be outside. The blazing sun will not only feel uncomfortable, but could cause dangerous risks of heatstroke and dehydration. During these times, you will want to retreat into the safety of your cool, air-conditioned home.

But what if you step inside your house after a blistering day in the sun only to discover that your air conditioning unit is malfunctioning, blowing hot air, or completely broken? Trapped indoors, your hot and muggy house will soon feel even worse than outside. If this emergency happens to you, it is only a matter of time before you and your household feels utterly miserable. To avoid this problem, immediately get in touch with us to schedule AC repair in Fort Lauderdale. Our experienced technicians at T & D Air Conditioning can completely repair any damages your AC unit is facing.

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Types of Repairs

We are so committed to satisfying all of our Fort Lauderdale customers’ needs that we have an incredibly wide range of services. For any annoying, uncomfortable, or even potentially hazardous situation that requires fixing, do not try to handle it yourself. Having a reliable, experienced technician will help you avoid making costly mistakes.

Just a few examples of the repairs we provide include:

  • Repairs designated for entire AC units
  • Repairs designated for individual AC parts
  • Repair for water heaters
  • Repairs for heat pumps
  • Solutions for leaking refrigerant
  • Solutions for issues having to do with drainage
  • Fixes for broken compressor fans

Signs That Your AC Is in Need of Repairs

Sometimes the worst-case scenario happens when you least expect it, but in many cases, you can foresee the warning signals ahead of time.

Our Fort Lauderdale AC repair specialists recommend that you watch out for the following signs:

  • The vents keep blowing warm or even hot air
  • Several, frequent cycle cuts occur when the AC is running
  • Water is mysteriously leaking around the base of the unit
  • Obnoxious smells and odors like rotting eggs
  • Significantly rising energy bills
  • Odd sounds like banging, groaning, or screeching
  • A frozen coil
  • Unusual indoor humidity, even in the Florida weather
  • Uneven cooling throughout your home
  • Low airflow

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Should You Repair or Replace Your AC Unit?

Investing in a new air conditioning unit is not cheap which is why it's important to know when you can squeeze more life out of your existing unit or whether it's time for a replacement. When we're called out to conduct replacements, we find that most of the time, a repair is possible. At T & D Air Conditioning, we always ensure a replacement is the best and most cost effective course of action.

The times where we recommend a replacement over repairs are:

  • Your current unit is over 15 years old: The average lifespan for an air conditioner is around 10-15 years old with proper routine maintenance. As your unit ages, it becomes less and less efficient as parts experience normal wear and tear. This means it's normal for it to break down more often. Rather than spending that money on frequent repairs, put the money towards a new, more efficient AC unit.
  • The repair costs are too high: The older your unit is, the more you will need repairs and the more extensive those repairs will be. We typically suggest replacing your AC unit if the repair cost is 50% or more of the cost of a new unit.
  • Your energy bills keep rising: An AC unit's energy efficiency is measured by its SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio). In Florida, air conditioners are required to have SEER ratings of 15 or above. Therefore, if you bought your unit a while ago, there is a chance its SEER rating doesn't meet current requirements. Additionally, as your unit ages, it will have a more difficult time keeping up with your cooling demands, making it less and less energy efficient as it works to keep up.

What Does It Mean When Your AC Blows Out Hot Air?

If your AC is blowing out hot or warm air, it could mean any of three problems. It could be as simple as the unit being low on refrigerant. Another explanation could be a return duct is broken or disconnected. Broken or disconnected ducts mean your unit will blow unconditioned air from outside or an attic space. Another reason for an AC blowing warm air could be a problem with the compressor or outside unit of the AC.

Trusting in Expert Experience

Due to the fact that we have helped so many customers with a wide range of models and brands of air conditioners, we truly have experienced every kind of scenario available to fit your individual needs. We equip our whole transport with the tools and parts needed to fix your unit, so we can be as prompt as possible. You can count on your team from T & D Air Conditioning to be both efficient and fast in fixing your cooling system.

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