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The best things in life always require care and maintenance to keep them running smoothly and operating as they should. Even your body requires annual check-ups to ensure it is healthy. So, the question is, when was the last time you checked up on your air conditioning unit? Is it truly performing at its peak? If you have observed that there seems to be warm or hot air flowing throughout your ducts and vents, if you have heard odd noises or smelled distasteful odors, or if you have even spotted traces of mildew and mold appearing around your unit, it is clear that your cooling system is in need of some thorough maintenance.

At T & D Air Conditioning, our professional team is proud to offer high-quality AC maintenance in Fort Lauderdale, protecting your current HVAC system with the careful check-up it needs. We can clean all dirty features, repair minor parts, and ensure that the entire system is running smoothly. Here in the sunny state of Florida, we know that our air conditioning units are some of the most valuable parts of our home. We are dedicated to making sure your AC works smoothly all summer long.

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Maintenance Services We Offer

In order to keep your system in tip-top shape, we offer several services through the form of maintenance.

Some of the key reasons why our customers trust our Fort Lauderdale AC Maintenance experts at T & D Air Conditioninginclude:

  • A strong reputation that is growing locally and globally
  • Detailed maintenance plans that precisely suit your needs and your schedule
  • Complete inspections for any mildew and mold growth that would affect air quality
  • Careful attention paid to every single part of the unit, from the electrical relays to the controls, from seals to filters
  • Comprehensive testing of all of the system’s capacitors as well as contractors

Recharging Your AC Refrigerant

The term "recharging" is technically a misnomer since no electrical charge transfer is occurring – instead, this term refers to when your refrigerant needs to be refilled. Puron, the cooling chemical used by most contemporary AC models today, is built to last a long time. In fact, refrigerants were designed to even outlast their own units. However, if you have had any damage such as a leak in your AC unit, or if your system has ever needed to be replaced, there is a chance that the coolant is very low. Your refrigerant must be recharged or refilled so it can run effectively.

Dependable Experts

It may be tempting to maintain your home’s air conditioning unit entirely on your own or recharge your refrigerant independently. In the second case, it is actually illegal to accomplish this, since the EPA section 608 of the Clean Air Act in 2018 deemed that only those with a certified license could handle coolant. The reason for this is simply that deeper, thorough maintenance work can only be completed by a professional well experienced with dealing safely with the risks involved in cleaning and maintaining your AC.

At T & D Air Conditioning our entire team is skilled at carefully working on your AC maintenance to provide you with ultimate safety and comfort. When more than maintenance is needed, we also provide reliable repair and replacement services.

Contact us now at (954) 880-3314 to find out how our dependable experts can offer superb quality AC maintenance in Fort Lauderdale.

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